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The Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Empower your workforce with our state-of-the-art learning and automation platform, featuring content from your company, integrated sources, and Thriving Springs expert-curated EI Learning Journeys.


Learning Workflows

Customizable Learning Workflows

Delivering personalized learning experiences that are tailored to each employee's unique needs and goals. With our intuitive workflows, you can easily customize learning paths and automate the delivery of training materials.


Learning Insights

Actionable Learning Insights

Track learner progress and performance, identify knowledge gaps, and generate actionable insights to help you optimize your L&D initiatives.



Seamlessly Integrated

Easy integration with your existing L&D, HRMS tools and systems, ensuring a streamlined and efficient learning experience.


Agile Learning

Agile Learning Automation

Cutting-edge automation technology to deliver learning experiences that are fast, flexible, and effective. Say goodbye to outdated, manual processes and hello to agile, automated learning.

EI Learning Journeys

Communicate Effectively with our AI-Powered EI Assistant

Our EI assistant is the perfect tool to help your teams navigate challenging interactions with ease.

  • Designed to seamlessly integrate into your team's workflow.
  • Strengthen your team's interactions with each other, customers, and stakeholders by measuring their emotional intelligence (EQ) quotient and enhancing their EQ skills.
EI Learning Journeys

Unlock your team's potential with our customized EI Learning Journeys